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Message from the Assistant General Manager:

There are few opportunities to truly create something new, something as big and exciting as Bunduq Company. It is a testament to our team’s professionalism, skills, know-how, and the direction that we are being entrusted by our founding shareholders and Governments’ Representatives (ADNOC and QP) to deliver the value embedded in this endeavor. Our long experience in the field of exploration and oil production has established Bunduq as a frontline and land marked company. Bunduq’s reputation is built on the following main pillars:

  1. We are seen as a company that is strong in stakeholder management and has meaningful relationships with them and our other partners; built on ‘Trust’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Respect’.
  2. We create value by successfully delivering quality to our shareholder and Governments’ representatives (ADNOC and QP) on schedule and within allocated budget.
  3. We are committed to achieving the goals of supporting and preventing harm to people or our assets, as well as protecting the environment and playing a leading role in promoting safety-related best practices within the oil industry.
  4. We support both Governments (UAE, and Qatar) in achieving their ‘National Visions - 2021 and 2030’; through promoting the creation of higher value human development and providing opportunities for the professional growth and advancement of nationals (Emiratis and Qataris). Bunduq is particularly proud of our efforts to maximise the participation of women in the workforce.

It is my view, that a genuine partnership must be the core of any successful business. For Bunduq it is our ‘Spirit of Partnership’ that allows our work to successfully unfold. When I look at Qatar Petroleum and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, I see two great companies; sharing the aligned visions and heading for the same goals with a strong commitment and determination to deliver excellence through setting business cooperation as our benchmark.

Yours respectfully,

Hassan Al Rashid

Assistant General Manger  - Bunduq Co., Ltd.