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Who is Bunduq?



Bunduq Company Limited ("Bunduq")operates the offshore El Bunduqoil field that straddles the United  Arab Emirates ("UAE") and the State of Qatar ("Qatar") under the concession jointly grantedby the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate ("AUH") and Qatar.In this  unique geographical setting, Bunduq’ s businessactivities  are guided and overseen jointly  by the respective authorities of AUH and Qatar, in particular, Supreme Petroleum Council ("SPC") and Abu Dhabi NationalOil Company ("ADNOC") for AUH and Qatar Petroleum ("QP") for Qatar.


Although Bunduq’s shareholders consist of United Petroleum Development Co. Ltd ("UPD") of Japan, BP ofUnited Kingdom and Total SA ofFrance, the El Bunduq Oil Field Development Project is a sole risk projectfunded and managedby UPD and BP, with the 97% and 3% participating interests, respectively. Bunduqoperates the field on their behalf.


Corporate Principles of Bunduq CompanyLimited



Bunduq’ s mission is toexplore, develop and produce the  hydrocarbon resources in the Arabian Gulf steadily, safelyand cost effectively in a sound technologicaland sustainable manner whilst maintaining the highest health,safety and environmental (HSE) performance.


Bunduq is ALWAYS committed to conducting its business ethically and legitimately. Through its  excellent and  reputable  business approaches, together  with  closeand transparent communication with all stakeholders, Bunduq aims to enhance stakeholders' recognition as a trustable operator,thereby providing business benefits to the stakeholders and ultimately contributing  to the sustainable development and prosperity of the nations and peopleof UAE and Qatar, as well as the globalcommunity.


About the Bunduq Code of Conduct



This Code of Conduct, representing our commitment to conducting our businesses in anhonorable manner, is intendedto give Bunduq employees the guidance and support necessary torefer to from time-to-timewhen conducting our business. Compliance with the Code is vital to achieving our corporateprinciples.  As a member ofBunduq, you are agreeing to upholdthis commitment. No part ofour Code can bewaived unless an appropriateassessment has been made to ensure such waiver reflectsour wholehearted commitment and such waiver follows approval by top management.


Note: for full BUNDUQ code of conduct, please open the attached document in the download.