Strategies for mentoring, planning, training and development of GCC Nationals

Bunduq intends to align its nationalization targets with Qatar’s 2030 & UAE 2021 directives. We will contribute to the economic development of UAE & Qatar and the diversification of its natural resources through promoting human capital development. Therefore, we have structured development programs targeting the whole span of careers; starting from fresh graduates joining Bunduq up and until they reach to senior management level within the organization. 

Bunduq is especially proud of its very successful career development programme, particularly with regards to leadership and management, which has resulted in qualified, professional and skillful National staff, competent enough to hold managerial posts. We aim to provide Bunduq with a pool of highly motivated and qualified Nationals, who can meet both the current and future challenges. Our mission is to develop and support talented Emiratis and Qataris in their career path in Bunduq until they reach their full potential by offering them continuous support and development initiatives.

The following are some of the strategic success factors that have been implemented in Bunduq recently:

Support and liaison with the Education Sectors:

  • Sponsorship
  • Scholarship
  • Internship
  • Corporate activities

Supporting Nationalization:

  • Career development plans
  • Enhancement and readiness plans
  • Attachment programs
  • Further studies

Supporting Training and Development:

  • Establish Technical simulations
  • E-Learning modules
  • Develop communication in English language

Talent Management:

  • Succession management
  • Leadership pipeline
  • Knowledge management
  • Technical professional development 

As part of our continuous support of national development, Bunduq established an Annual Coach and Developee Award Ceremony. This ceremony is to recognize and reward coaches, developees and other staff members for their significant contribution to Bunduq development initiatives and nationalization efforts.

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