Operational Overview

The Bunduq Oil Company recognizes its responsibilities as a producer of oil and gas operating in the Gulf Region.  As such, the Bunduq Management is committed and strives to achieve No Harm to People, the Environment or to its Assets thus enabling the Company to operate in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner.    

We will continuously improve our health, safety, environmental & sustainability [HSE&S] performance through finding safer and sustainable ways to produce hydrocarbons, in a profitable and cost-aware manner.  To ensure this succeeds, we specifically will:

  • Conduct all operations in compliance with local legislation, international best practice and acting on social ethics.
  • Set and regularly review key performance indicators for HSE&S.
  • Openly communicate with our staff, contractors and visitors about our policy and our performance standards and expectations.
  • Educate our staff, contractors and visitors to ensure that our standards and policy are integrated into work practices.
  • Provide all necessary safety devices and personal protective equipment, and ensuring their integrity and that they are fit for purpose.
  • Apply HS&E risk management techniques; and implement measures that are in accordance with recognised and accepted standards and control hierarchies that ensure risks are minimised to as low as reasonably practical [ALARP].
  • Honestly and openly report the status of HSE & Sustainability

Bunduq Company has a management system for the continuous improvement of its HSE&S performance and this ensures that the Company will: 

  • Set out clear Corporate objectives and commitments and ensure that these are regularly reviewed.
  • Implement detailed procedures to steer onshore and offshore facilities towards meeting compliance requirements and ethical undertakings.
  • Carry out regular internal and 3rd party inspections of the facilities.
  • Establish and build a Corporate Memory based on detailed and responsible incident investigation; and use that data for learning and continuous improvement.
  • Facilitate regular meetings by top management to review the effectiveness and suitability of the health, safety, environmental and sustainability management system.
  • Adequately delegate responsibility for HSE&S performance to line management.
  • Provide reward and recognition for outstanding achievements in HSE&S performance
  • Encourage contractors and subcontractors to pursue HSE&S performance which is aligned to this policy.
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