Health, Safety and Environment

Bunduq HSE Group, specializing in Health, Safety and Environment, was established in 1998 in line with ADNOC directives. Due to the vital role the Group played, and the consistent promotion of HSE policies and best practices (core values that reinforce Bunduq’s reputation as a company concerned with the elimination of harm to people, environment or assets),it was upgraded to a Department in 2009.

Bunduq’s HSE policy adheres to principles minimizing risks for employees, contractors and the community at large. Good HSE performance is its primary business objective.

As part of the continual development process of Bunduq’s HSE Management System, HSE Audit operates at all sites and locations to highlight short- and long-term HSE concerns.

HSE Activities

Since inception, Bunduq has successfully established what is now a deep-rooted HSE culture in the community, instilling values within its employees that facilitated the development of policies and procedures that meet the most stringent of standards and conform to all relevant legislation.

Numerous policies, regulations, studies, programs and campaigns were implemented to enhance HSE standards and performance and to increase employee and contractor HSE awareness levels, ultimately shaping HSE culture.

These include, but are not limited to, waste & oil-spill management plans, air quality management systems, indoor air quality studies, emergency response plans, WATCH observation systems, health risk assessment plans, periodical medical checkups, food quality & hygiene inspections, heat stress management programs, noise studies & assessments, along with various HSE awareness campaigns and training programs, empowering staff in all HSE disciplines.

Bunduq’s near-miss reporting system, implemented in 1998, was later replaced by the WATCH behavioral observation system in 2009 after careful evaluation of different safety reporting systems. The WATCH system was rolled out after training approximately 90% of staff, either as key focal points in system implementation, or as observers. Both systems aim to analyze accident factors in order to reduce the potential for recurrence in future.

Bunduq’s safety record has been remarkable, with incidences dramatically and steadily declining since 1997. However, the challenge continues for incident-free operations, and providing confidence to rise to the challenge.

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